The Building Capacity for Policy Work Project

Late 2011, Healthy Wilmot expresed an interest and willingness to strengthen its focus on policy development and advocacy. In 2012, with the encouragement and support of ROWPH, the Coalition submitted the "Building Capacity for Policy Work" funding application to the WRHCP which was approved in late 2012. ROWPH funded the mental health component of the proposal. In January 2013, WRHCP and WHCC retained Coppola & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in health promotion and community development to carry out the project.

Goals of the Project

 To help build the knowledge and skills of WHCC members to advocate more effectively for local policy actions that support healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health.

 To explore opportunities for policy actions in the three area.

Project components

 Develop of the community profile of the Township of Wilmot.

 Implement a community engagement process to identify barriers and support to healthy eating, physical activity and positive mental health for residents of the Township.

 Build the capacity of Healthy Wilmot to advocate for local policy by designing and delivering a training workshop on how to undertake policy development work a community level.

 Design and facilitate a strategic planning process for the Coalition.

Project findings

Read the findings and recomendation in the Building Capacity for Policy Work report.